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Furnishings & Amenities

Western Pennsylvania's Exclusive Dealer

Sports & Recreation Associates is an exclusive representative of the Miracle Recreation Equipment Company for western Pennsylvania who manufactures the following furnishings and amenities.

Bike Racks
Make your outdoor playground complete by adding one of Miracle's Bike Racks. Built with the same quality and durability you can expect, Miracle's bike racks come in numerous configurations and can be customized for any color scheme.

Miracle's spectator bleachers create seating for outdoor sporting events and special events. With over 30 UBC* and BOCA*-compliant bleacher configurations, you'll find just the seating solution you need. 

Drinking Fountains
Add another dimension of imagination to your playground with Miracle's creative drinking fountains.  With our unique themed fountains, you can make sure your playground and its accessories create a unique play experience. 

Finish off your outdoor playground with Miracle's Fencing.  Available in 4' and 8' lengths, Miracle's Fencing can be customized to match your playground colors while creating a safety barrier around your play space.

Miracle's Grills are the perfect addition to any recreation area.  From big to small, all of our grills come with adjustable heights and rotational capabilities.
Landscaping Borders
Miracle’s Landscaping Borders add polish to any play area. Accent your playgrounds with the visual appeal of Miracle Timber Borders, available in royal blue, hunter green, brown or recycled black, or natural Trim Timbers® – all with UV stabilizers.
Litter Receptacles
Keep your play area clean and safe with Miracle's Litter Receptacles.  A necessity for every playground, Miracle's Litter Receptacles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.

Miracle’s Standard and Custom Sign Options help identify your site, honor sponsors, direct visitors, and keep kids safe. Our age-appropriate signs do it all. Want more? Our one-of-a-kind custom signs set your playground apart. Ask your Miracle representative how our custom signage program can help you!
Site Benches
Miracle's Benches are perfect for your play area. Each offers a choice of frame styles, seating materials, and surfaces — so you can select the bench models that suit your space and your budget.
Miracle’s earth-friendly Playground Surface options offer great choices for any playground while providing style, safety and durability.
Sturdy, Functional Tables complete any playground. Miracle’s complete selection of tables provide the relaxation and rest every recreation area needs.

Please call us toll free at 724-478-1775 in Apollo, Pennsylvania for a no-cost consultation on your next project, or to determine if your project might fast track through COSTARS.