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Playground equipment, Indoor, and Outdoor

Every child needs a place to play. In today’s world of video games and the Internet, many people are suggesting that kids are not getting the exercise their bodies require. Furthermore, play time is just as important for a child’s mental and social development as is physical exercise, making the playground more important than ever.

Sports & Recreation Associates is a leading source of information on playground equipment for both indoor and outdoor use. We believe that play time is an essential aspect of being a child and that it is imperative for their physical and mental growth and development. Our website has been designed to be used as an informational resource for parents, teachers and anyone else that wants to find out more about today’s playground equipment. The information we provide is meant to be unbiased towards any one product or company.

As with most things in life, exercise starts in the home. Having playground equipment at home can go a long way towards ensuring that your child is getting enough exercise. Anything that invites child to climb, swing, run or jump will inevitably be used by most kids. Simple items such as a tire swing, or swing set can be easily constructed in most backyards, and are relatively inexpensive as well.

A well constructed tree house can be a great focal point for playtime. Of course, traditionally these hideaways have been built in a backyard tree, but there are other options as well. There are many manufacturers that can provide do-it-yourself kits for a number of playground club house designs. These creations often use a central fort as a hub, and then incorporate many fun items such as slides, swings and of course, monkey bars. The beauty of these kits is that you can start with a simple set-up and then add components as you see fit. And because they usually include all the needed wood and components, ready to be assembled, they can be quite easy to set up.

If you run a school or day-care center, commercial playground equipment is highly recommended. Child-centered businesses are required to provide outdoor playground equipment that is built to be not only solid and secure, but as safe as possible as well. In addition, most of the insurance policies that cover these businesses require that basic safety concerns are covered before any playground equipment can be installed. Most schools today even incorporated padded surfaces beneath this equipment to minimize the possibility of injury during a fall or other mishap.

Playground equipment doesn’t have to be strictly for outdoor use. Indoor equipment is the ideal solution for rainy days. Many businesses have sprung up in recent years that operate much like a day-care, but on a much larger scale. These are often in large buildings that can house a host of indoor equipment ranging from slides and swings to trampolines and pools of foam blocks. For those with less room, simple items such as balls and tricycles can often occupy children for hours on end.

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